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The principal responsible person of Shenzhen production and business operation unit

Writer:鑫东邦Date:2019年1月15日 14:36

The principal responsible person of Shenzhen production and business operation unit

  As the main person in charge of the production and operation unit and the first person responsible for safety production, I realize that the occurrence of production safety accidents will not only cause serious harm to employees and employees, but also cause serious damage to the unit brand image and economic interests. Unit managers will also face serious administrative and criminal penalties.

I am aware of the "Safety Production Law of the People's Republic of China", "Guangdong Province Safety Production Regulations", "Shenzhen City Safety Management Regulations", "Shenzhen City Production and Operation Units Safety Production Main Responsibility Regulations" and other laws and regulations, the safety of production and business units There are comprehensive and specific provisions on the responsibility of production entities, including the following important contents:
1. Establish and improve the safety production responsibility system for all employees, ensure that safety production rules and regulations and operational procedures are in place; the main responsible persons of the enterprise regularly listen to safety production work reports, study safety production issues, and organize a comprehensive inspection of safety production at least every six months.
2. Establish a safety production management organization according to law, and equip safe production management personnel to effectively ensure that safety production management agencies and personnel perform safety management duties.
3. Guarantee the investment of safe production funds according to law, extract and use safe production costs according to law, do not occupy or use them; purchase safety production liability insurance according to regulations.
4. Implement the safety production training system for all employees, clearly inform the employees of the job risk factors, preventive measures and emergency measures to ensure that those who fail to pass the safety training are not allowed to work, and those who do not hold the certificate are not allowed to engage in special operations.
5. Ensure that the production and operation sites and related equipment, facilities and processes comply with national standards or industry standards; provide labor protection articles for employees and educate practitioners to wear them correctly; correct violations in time, resolutely put an end to illegal command and force violations operation.
6. Strictly engage in activities such as mine production, production and operation of hazardous chemicals in strict accordance with the scope of the license, and strictly prohibit illegal and illegal production and operation; comply with the regulations on the production, operation, storage, transportation, use and disposal of dangerous goods; and strengthen the cooperation (Note: According to production and operation) The actual enumeration of the unit, supplementing dangerous operations, such as blasting, hoisting, dangerous goods handling, tank cleaning, high-altitude operations, limited space) and other dangerous operations.
7. Conduct risk source hazard investigation at least once every six months, comprehensively identify safety risks, effectively implement management and control measures; regularly carry out accident hazard investigation, timely eliminate hidden dangers, and report to the local safety supervision department the major accident hazard investigation and treatment according to regulations.
8. Strictly implement the “three simultaneous” safety facilities of the construction project, do a good job of safety warnings and routine maintenance of safety equipment, and do not use processes, equipment and materials that are eliminated or explicitly prohibited.
9. Organize the formulation and implementation of the emergency rescue plan for production safety accidents of the unit, establish an emergency management team according to the regulations, reserve necessary emergency materials, and organize at least one emergency rescue drill every year; if a production safety accident occurs, ensure timely and truthful reporting of local safety supervision. department.
10. Other safety production responsibility as stipulated by laws, regulations and rules.
I understand that if the unit fails to properly perform the responsibility of the main body of production safety, it will assume legal, administrative, economic, criminal and other legal responsibilities:
1. Administrative Responsibility: The unit will be ordered to rectify within a time limit, suspend business for rectification, and stop production until the production is closed; the main responsible person will be warned and remembered until the dismissal, dismissal of the party, and the main person in charge of the production and operation unit of the industry for life;
2. Economic penalties: violations of safety production will be imposed a fine of varying amounts. In the event of a general production safety accident, a maximum fine of 500,000 yuan will be imposed; in the event of a particularly serious accident, a maximum fine of 20 million yuan will be imposed;
3. Criminal Responsibility: According to the relevant provisions of the Criminal Law, if the relevant illegal act constitutes a major liability accident, the maximum penalty will be seven years imprisonment; the crime of illegal business operation and the crime of forcing illegal operation will be punished for a maximum of fifteen years. He is sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment; if he is punished, he will be sentenced to a maximum of 20 years in prison.
I promise that I will strictly perform safety production management duties, take the initiative to seriously study safety production laws and regulations, continuously analyze risks, identify hazards, reduce risks, eliminate hidden dangers, prevent accidents, and ensure safety. The public is welcome to supervise the safety of our production. If you find hidden dangers, you can call the "12350" safety production award report phone.

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